Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Taking A Break

Hello friends. This is just a short and sweet blog post by way of an overdue explanation. Due to many reasons, none of which i will go into detail about, i have decided to take a break from my blog, and from all official swatching/PR duties. I don't know for how long this will continue, but i do hope at the very least to start blogging again one day (not so sure about swatching & PR, i am enjoying not having the stress of that crushing me completely, because it is stressful and it is most certainly not easy).

In the meantime, i still paint my nails on the very regular for my own enjoyment (which was how this blog was born), you can follow me on Instagram - - if you would like to continue to get a daily dose of AnnaBean's Nails (and a fuck tonne of other stuff too!), and there is always my Facebook page - - which is purely nailcentric (for those who don't want to see my cats/nature/wildlife photography).

Thanks for reading, and for sticking around. I'll see you again soon I hope!

Love, Anna x

P.S. Here's what's on my nails currently - Nails Inc "Eaton Terrace" :)

Friday, 20 May 2016

Colors by Llarowe Summer 2016 Swatches & Review

Hey friends! I have a treat for you today, the entire Summer 2016 collection from Colors by Llarowe! There are 16 shades in all: 12 in the main set; and 4 in a smaller cremes, jellies, and shimmers sub set. I was going to separate them into two posts, but although grouping them all together will make for a very long, picture-heavy post, I think it just makes more sense to do one.

So get yourself a cup of tea (or whatever your preferred imbibement is!), and let's dive right in!

All the necessary purchase details at the end of this post.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Kandy Colors Swatches

I have some more examples of the kind of polishes you can create at Kandy Colors today! Kandy.Colors (Create A Polish) is a service which allows you to choose pigments and finishes to have your very own custom nail polish created, with a name of your choice! You can see some more examples of the things you might create here and here.

I have been sent colours which have been given names but remember, what you create and call yours is entirely up to you. Let's have a look!

"Foiling In Love", a lovely champagne/rose gold foil shimmer:

"Only In Fairytales", a sheer pinky coloured base with gold fleck shimmer:

What kind of nail polish would you create if you had the chance? Visit and let your imagination run wild!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

**products provided for honest, unbiased review**

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Box Polish "She Is Worthy"

Hello friends. I have a special collection of nail polishes to show you today. The "She Is Worthy" collection from Box Polish has been created to help raise money for Save From Slavery, a UK charity which aims to provide housing and a restoration programme for victims of the sex traffic trade.

The collection consists of four shades which represent the the lives of the victims as they go through the Safe From Slavery programme: starting naked, vulnerable, with no colour; gaining some colour and warmth; becoming emboldened; and finally regaining their "sparkle". 

All the very important info will be at the end of this blog post.


"Hope" is a soft, pinkish nude creme. Swatches show two coats with top coat.


"Comfort" is a warm, candy pink creme. Swatches show two coats with top coat.


"Restore" is a deep red jelly. Swatches show two coats with top coat.


"Empower" is a deep magenta red jelly with holographic glitter. Swatches show two coats with top coat.

These four shades are available now from in both 5ml and 10ml bottles. For every 5ml bottle sold, £1.00 will be donated to Safe From Slavery, and for every 10ml bottle sold, £3.00 will be donated. If you would like to learn more about Safe From Slavery, please visit their website: and Facebook page:

As these press samples were provided to me free of charge, I have made a donation of £20.00 to Safe From Slavery.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon x

**products provided for honest, unbiased review**

Friday, 22 April 2016

'Ard As Nails Safari Collection Swatches & Review

Hello dearlings, how are you today? I have a new, soon-to-be-released collection from 'Ard As Nails to show you today. This collection is named The Safari Collection, and as you might have guessed, the colours and names are inspired by all things safari!

There are four shades on offer, so let's have a look! All the relevant info will be at the bottom of this post :)

'Ard As Nails "Park Ranger"

"Park Ranger" is a lovely khaki green creme with soft holographic finish. Formula is excellent, well-pigmented, easy to apply. Swatches show two coats with top coat.

'Ard As Nails "Golden Sunset"

"Golden Sunset" is a juicy, vibrant, warm orange shimmer with soft holographic finish. Same lovely formula as "Park Ranger", swatches show two coats with top coat.

'Ard As Nails "Chameleon"

"Chameleon" is a chartreuse which really lives up to its name, it seems to take on a different hue depending on the light, sometimes appearing more yellow, and other times more green. The formula is slightly less densely pigmented in this than the others in the collection, with a slightly more pronounced holographic finish. Swatches show two coats with top coat.

'Ard As Nails "Cape Sky"

"Cape Sky" is a plain and simple but very beautiful black creme with holographic finish. Wonderful formula, densely pigmented, easy to apply. Swatches show two coats with top coat.

What do you think about this collection? I really love the inspiration behind it, and it is set apart from the usual pastels which abound at this time of year.

If this collection tickles your fancy, you can order them from 'Ard As Nails from the 25th April 2016 onwards. You can also keep up to date with news and new releases on the social tings: Facebook, Instagram.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

**products provided for honest, unbiased review**

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Paint The Rainbow April Box

Hello friends! Today's blog post is also brought to you by Paint The Rainbow, the UK's first indie nail box! Curated by the folks at Rainbow Connection, the UK's leading stockist of international indie polishes, and exclusively available from featuring some of your favourite brands! 
Previously the Paint The Rainbow boxes contained five polishes, but starting from this, the April box, they will contain four polishes, and the price has reduced accordingly. This month's theme is "Spring Flowers", which delights me muchly, so let's have a look!

'Ard As Nails "Batchelor's Button"

"Batchelor's Button"is an inkyblue holographic with a slightly jelly finish. Application was easy and dry time was good. Swatches show two coats with top coat, though you may wish to apply a third coat to banish any visible nail line.

Lilypad Lacquer "Peacock Flower"

"Peacock Flower"is a greyish silver holographic with multicoloured chunkier glitters. It is very sparkly in reality! Formula and application were without issues. Swatches show two coats and top coat.

Colors By Llarowe "Cherry Blossoms"

"Cherry Blossoms" is a soft, warm-toned dusky pink with soft linear holographic finish. Formula seemed a little weak in pigmentation on the first coat, but the second coat evened things out perfectly. Swatches show two coats and top coat.

Fair Maiden Polish "Wild & Free"

"Wild & Free" is a rather complex but very pretty shade, it is predominantly a greenish grey/greyish green shimmer with soft linear holographic finish. It also shifts to a stronger green at an oblique angle and has the added aspect of pink flecks which shift to gold at a very oblique angle. I tried my very hardest to capture all aspects of this shade, but it really is one which needs to be seen in real life to be appreciated" Formula was problem-free. My swatches show two coats with top coat.

This April "Spring Flowers" themed Paint The Rainbow box will be available from 2:00pm on Wednesday the 20th April 2016, from, for £36.00 & shipping.

Thanks for reading!

**products provided for honest, unbiased review**