Thursday, 20 August 2015

Losing A Beloved Pet

Hello friends. I have something i'd like to write about which is entirely non nail related. If you are here only for the nails then please kindly click away and return another day.

You may or may not be aware that i am an animal lover - i value animals over most humans - and have shared my whole life with many pets, all of whom i love and have loved eternally. One of those is my beloved, precious border collie "Buster". Buster grew to the grand old age of fifteen, very nearly sixteen. A year or so ago he started showing signs of arthritis. It was during a visit to the vet for an entirely different issue, that we discovered it wasn't in his legs as we had thought, but in his spine, which in turn had a direct effect on the use of his legs. For so long he coped so very well with it and enjoyed life in spite of it. Yes, he was slower than he used to be and could no longer run up the stairs or go mad chasing balls, but he was happy, enjoyed his daily walks and gentle play sessions, and had a very healthy appetite. Suddenly however, over the past couple of days, Buster's condition deteriorated dramatically and rapidly, until on Tuesday, he finally found himself unable to use his hind legs - he couldn't stand up at all and was terribly distressed and exhausted. We arranged an appointment with the vet for Wednesday evening, and although i hoped beyond hope that there would be some instant, miracle cure, i had secretly resigned myself to the fact that this was probably the end for my best friend. Surely enough, while the vet did offer a suggestion of anti inflammatory injections and very strong painkillers, there was no guarantee they be of any benefit and would only be a temporary fix at very best. So we came to the wretched (for us humans at least) decision to end his suffering and put him to sleep. I simply could not put him through the indignity of being unable to be a proper dog, or to prolong his suffering for my own selfish needs. The vet administered the euthanasia drug while my mum and i held our darling boy and he slipped away quickly and very peacefully.

Whilst i know we made the right decision for Buster and he is now free to run again, free from pain and suffering, it has nevertheless come as a terrible, all too sudden punch in the heart for me and my family. Up until a few days ago Buster was trotting around the garden happily, enjoying the remnants of the summer with his 'brother' Saxon and now, in an instant, he is gone, and i can't even begin to reconcile myself with that fact. 

Pets, to me, are as important, if not more important in a way, as human loved ones (family or otherwise) - after all, a pet will never ever argue or fall out with you, judge you, be jealous or spiteful or secretive or manipulative, it will never cheat you or cause you hurt, it just stands by your side as a constant companion, doing nothing but loving you for its entire life. My heart is broken and life without my best Bub is looking as bleak as bleak can be at the moment. I am griefstricken, bereft, completely empty without him. I know there are some people who will say "he was just a dog", "you can get a new one", or that he doesn't deserve to be mourned as much as a human should, but those to me are the words of someone who has clearly never experienced the true, pure love and devotion of a dog.

I am not looking for an outpouring of sympaty but if i ask one thing of you it's that you just take a moment to send some loves to my boy, wherever he may be now, and if you have pets, please let them know how much they are loved.

My soul mate, my best Bub, i love you so very, very much. You will live forever in my heart and in my dreams. 

"And I took you by the hand,
And we stood tall"

16/9/1999 - 19/8/2015

Friday, 14 August 2015

Floral Nails with Anna & Mama Bean

Hiiii guuuuyyyysssss! :D Today mama Beam and i have some floral nails to show you!

I had a rough idea of what i was going to do for this theme for quite some time but it involved a lot of colours and effort and in the end i just couldn't be bothered with it all, so i went a little simpler and just did some stamping instead ^_^ Info after the pics!

Base colour: Binky London "Lavender";
Glitter: China Glaze "Fairy Dust" (obligatory, of course!);
Stamping: Apipila Super Plate B and a random generic white nail polish.

Mama Bean also chose to do some stamping, and what a wonderful job she's done! She used Collection Hot Looks "Candy Floss", Ciate "Cabaret", and MoYou London Pro plate 09 :)

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Friday, 7 August 2015

Multicoloured Nails with Anna & Mama Bean

Hidelo ho, readerinos!! Got another fun collaboration with mama Bean for you this week - our theme is "multicoloured"! Shall we have a look? :D