Friday, 29 May 2015

Something New....

...... Hey everybody! As you may remember from my previous blog, i sadly had to withdraw from the next challenge set-up after the end of the A 2 Z. My reasons still stand, it was just a little too much to think about at the moment, but i do still want and need some kind of structure in order to keep my blog alive and give me something to look forward to each week. So with that in mind, mama Bean and i have decided to do our own little weekly challenge. It won't be elaborate or fancy, we will simply pick a different inspiration each week and paint our nails accordingly - our prompts so far range from simple nail art techniques to colours and finishes. We won't be breaking any new ground here, it is designed to be easy and fun, and we hope you will enjoy seeing what we come up with each week!

So for our first challenge we chose "dots" - a fun and easy look to ease us in gently!

I chose to create a red and white "Minnie Mouse"(or toadstool!) inspired design!

Products used:
Base coat - Orly Bonder;
Red - Rimmel "Ready, Aim, Paint!";
White - S.H.C. Nail Polish "28";
Top coat - Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat.

And here is mama Bean's very cute take on "dots"!

Products used:
Base coat - Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat;
Pink - Collection "Candy Floss";
Dots - Rimmel "Pop Art Top Coat";
Top coat - Seche Vite.

And so we end our first mama & Anna Bean challenge, we both hope you have enjoyed it and that you will join us again next week!

Thanks for reading :) x


  1. Love the Minnie Mouse nails!

  2. Great idea and I love both mani's :) xx

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments :) xx