Friday, 24 April 2015

Violet Rose Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Hello everybody! Before I begin, I would just like to express my heartfelt thanks to those of you who responded to yesterday's blog post. I didn't write it for sympathy, I wrote it merely to let the world know how special Scrappy was and still is to me, but to know that so many of you read it and enjoyed it (if enjoyed is really the right word) really means so much to me, so thank you.

Now, on to a little more of an upbeat post today, in the shape of some swatches of new and existing Violet Rose nail polish shades! I have three to show you: one of which is already available; the other two of which will be available sometime next week. 

Shall we have a look? Purchase info after the pictures!

Violet Rose "Posies And Petals"

"Posies And Petals" is a clear based glitter topper, consisting of small hex glitters in an array of pastel shades. These particular glitters are the see-through glassy ones, so this polish will be best layered over a light colour. Formula was problem free, the base is nice and springy and the glitters are well suspended, and well dispersed, making it easy to apply. My pictures show one coat over a pale lilac, with top coat.


Violet Rose "Polly's Passion"

"Polly's Passion" is a multichrome polish with a very strong shift, the predominant colour being a petrol blue, shifting right through purple, pink, and finally to gold, with scattered silver holographic glitter. It is a little bit on the sheer side so I chose to layer it over a black base for my swatches, which is how I would wear such a polish anyway as it maximises the duochrome effect, but you may achieve an opaque finish with two thick or three average coats of its own - it's entirely up to you. Formula wise it is just a teeny bit on the thick side, so you may wish to leave a little longer between coats in order to avoid any bubbling or drying issues. Otherwise, application was easy peasy. As stated, my swatches show two coats over a black base, with top coat. Fun fact: this polish was inspired by Emma (the creator of Violet Rose)'s chickens, and there is another shade available to accompany it named "Dolly's Delight"! 


Violet Rose "Cupcake Sprinkles"

"Cupcake Sprinkles" is a crelly based polish with a variety of different shapes and sizes of glitter in pretty pastel shades. I can't tell if the base is white or very very very pale pink.... I think it is white though. Formula was typical of this kind of polish - the glitters can sometimes cling to one another, but they are easy to spread out, and required no fishing. The base is surprisingly well pigmented, while still allowing the glitters to show through. My swatches show two coats, with top coat. My apologies if the glitters look a little washed-out, this was a tricky one to photograph - they are more vibrant in reality. Fun fact: this polish was named by Emma's six year old daughter!


As I mentioned at the start, one of these polishes - "Posies Of Petals" - is already available to buy; the other two will be available soon. You can buy Violet Rose nail polishes from their Etsy Store, and also keep up with all the news on their Facebook page.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

**Products provided for honest, unbiased opinion**

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