Thursday, 19 February 2015

A 2 Z: O Is For Old

Hey friends! Another Thursday, another A 2 Z installment! This week we are on the letter O, which represents "Old". Instead of just using an old polish, or one with the word "Old" in its name (I have a few of those!), I chose to use a polish which is the colour of old gold, reminiscent of a precious, golden relic unearthed in some archaeological dig somewhere. What is this polish, you ask? It's AEngland "Holy Grail", of course, and here it is!

Two coats, no top coat:

And then I stamped an ornate, brocade-like image from MoYou London Fashionista plate 07 & Barry M Gold Foil Effects, which gave the overall manicure the look of some beautiful, sumptuous old curtains, the sort which might be found in a stately home (angled my nails away from the light 'cause it's the only way I could photograph the stamping):

Now let's see what mama Bean has opted for this week! She chose to apply a base of Nails Inc "Southwark" and stamp an Egyptian headdress image in gold, because the Egyptians are pretty old, are they not? :D

As always, the A 2 Z Hub Page is where you will find everybody else's contributions, and also why don't you take a look at this post, a mid-way "How are we all doing so far?" post compiled by Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x