Thursday, 5 February 2015

A 2 Z: M is for Multicoloured

Howdly doodly folks! Today's A 2 Z blog post is brought to you by the letter M, and the theme "Multicoloured". As is quite often the case, I had a last-minute change of mind, from a pastel gradient (which requires effort) to some multicoloured glitter toppers (no effort), because lazy Anna is lazy.

So for this manicure, I decided to start with a lovely pale grey base, to act as a nice contrast against the colours. The grey I used was Models Own "Misty Grey", and here it is on its own - two coats:

And for the multicolouredness(?!) I decided to layer two different neon glitter toppers from Stellar Nail Polish: "Rock-A-Hula Baby" and "Viva Las Vegas", which I kinda ruined with my haphazard splodgy application = bubbles ahoy:

And then finally I added a coat of Freckles Polish "You Make Me So Matte"matte top coat:

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Thanks for reading :) x

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