Thursday, 8 January 2015

A 2 Z: I is for Inspired

Yyeeeeaaahhhh we're back, baby! A 2 Z is up and running again!

This week our letter is I and the theme is "Inspired". I thought for a while about things which inspire me, but then in the end I chose to take my inspiration from another A 2 Z member. Morven of Pretty Quirky fame created a wonderful gold glitter manicure with black stamping back when we were on the letter G (click here to see her blog post), which I absolutely adored, so with her permission I have decided to give my own spin on that manicure, creating something similar without being an outright copy.

I started by applying two coats of F.U.N Lacquer "King" over a plain gold base (the gold base isn't necessary but I find it easier to get a neat finish when I have a base colour to guide me):

And then using black polish I stamped a bold swirly design from MoYou London Pro XL plate 20, and finished with top coat:

Sorry there aren't many pictures and that they aren't the best quality, the light is unpredictable here today and my daylight lamp doesn't really do this manicure much justice.

Mama Bean isn't very well at the moment so she is taking a bit of time off from the A 2 Z Series, hopefuly she will return at a later date though.

As always, everybody else's contributions for this week and all previous weeks can be found on the A 2 Z Series Hub Page, and I hope you will join me again next week for another installment!

Thanks for reading, and many thanks to Morven for being my inspiration :) x


  1. That looks great! Gold and black together is just wow! :)

  2. This is amazing! Love sparkly gold and the stamping makes it pop! You kicked my butt Ms Bean ☺️
    Hope Mama Bean feels better soon xx