Friday, 28 November 2014

Stellar Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Hello everybody! Today I have six new shades from Stellar Nail Polish to show you. They are all from a collection of Christmas themed polishes and, as with all Stellar Nail Polishes, they are named after songs. Info on when and where to buy will be at the end of this post, so keep reading!

Stellar Nail Polish "Walking In The Air"

"Walking In The Air" is a navy jelly with silver holo moons and white snowflakes. I had to do a fair bit of fishing and placement to get a good distribution of bits, which is to be expected of a polish of this type, and as I have a very tight C curve, they don't lie flat on my nails but this is not something which bothers me. The jelly base is pigmented enough to cover my nails with two coats whilst still retaining that deep, squishy, jelly look. Pictures show two coats & top coat.


Stellar Nail Polish "Rockin' Robin"

"Rockin' Robin" is a reddy orange tinted jelly base with orange and green glitters of varying shapes and sizes. The glitter is distributed very well and there was no need for fishing, it applied easily like a regular glitter polish. The base is a little sheer but the glitter is dense enough to cover any VNL. Pictures show two coats & top coat.
**Please note: the version of this polish which was sent to me for review has since suffered from glitter bleeding issues. It will be reformulated before it is released for sale**


Stellar Nail Polish "Silent Night"

"Silent Night" consists of a clear base with small gold and green glitters. Density and distribution of glitters was perfect and it applied like a breeze. Pictures show two coats over a black base & top coat.


Stellar Nail Polish "O Holy Night"

"O Holy Night" is another clear-based glitter topper with a variety of different shapes and sizes of glitter in golden shades. Distribution and density of glitters was, again, very good. No real fishing was required, but I did swish my brush around in the bottle once before each nail, if you didn't want as much glitter pay-off then this won't be necessary. Pictures show two coats over a pale cream base & top coat.


Stellar Nail Polish "Winter Wonderland"

"Winter Wonderland" is a glitter topper with added chunky iridescent fleck shimmer. As you can see there are large blue, red, and purple dots, and black stars. I had to do a bit of fishing to get enough bits on each nail, but other than that application was fine. Pictures show two coats over a pale blue base & top coat.


Stellar Nail Polish "Fairytale Of New York"

"Fairytale Of New York" (which is my favourite Christmas song!) is a red-toned purple jelly base with all kinds of very fine, sparkly glitters - I can see purple, blue, and silver. I can't tell if any of them are holographic or if they are all just super, super sparkly. The glitters were really packed in to the base, and application was easy. Because of the high density of glitters, it doesn't dry totally glassy smooth. You could apply two layers of top coat to smooth it out completely, but I personally wouldn't bother. Pictures show two coats & top coat.

My final thoughts on these polishes? Totally unique shades with good formulas which are festive and sparkly, but not too over-the-top Christmassy.

These polishes will be available to buy very soon from the Stellar Nail Polish Etsy Store. You can also keep up to date with news of new relesases etc. on the Stellar Nail Polish Facebook Page.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon! :) x

**Products provided for honest, unbiased review**

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