Friday, 10 October 2014

Stellar Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Hey internet! How you doin'? Today I have four new Stellar Nail Polish shades to introduce you to. As with all Stellar Nail Polish shades, they are inspired by and named after songs, in this case all by Scandinavian groups/singers. Shall we take a look?

"I Follow Rivers" (Lykke Li)

"I Follow Rivers" is a vivid blue metallic shade with blue squares and fine gold glitter particles. Formula is incredibly densely pigmented, which makes it quite thick, but application is easy and it dries quickly. As there is quite a dense mix of pigment and particles, it is a little top coat thirsty so you may wish to double up on top coat if you want a glassy smooth finish. My swatches show two coats & top coat.


"170" (Kaizers Orchestra)

170 is quite a complex shade and I am struggling to think of a way to describe it accurately! It is a metallic steely green duochrome which shifts to a purply shade, and it has added very fine flakies and glitters of varying colours. Again, it is extremely densely pigmented yet still easy to apply. Another somewhat topcoat thirsty polish. My swatches show two coats & top coat.


"Torrent" (Asgeir)

Torrent is a very deep, rich green jelly with green hexes. The base is so well pigmented that you could easily get away with one coat, which is very rare for a jelly, but at the same time it still allows the glitters to peek through, providing a really deep, multi-layered finish. My swatches show two coats & top coat.


"Voodoo" (Skambankt)

Voodoo Is a crimson jelly with large white hexes, smaller white and iridescent squares and hexes, and fine glitter particles. Very nice formula, striking a good balance between jelly squishiness and coverage. A little fishing may be required to get the large hexes out, but otherwise easy to apply and quick drying. My swatches show two coats & top coat.


So there you have it, four beautiful and very unique shades. My favourite is definitely "Torrent", which is yours?

These four shades will be available from the Stellar Nail Polish Etsy Store soon, where you can also buy all the other lovely Stellar shades. You can also keep up with all the news on the Stellar Nail Polish Facebook Page.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

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