Thursday, 23 October 2014

A To Z: Z is for Zebra!

Well here we are friends, the final installment of our A to Z Blog Series. I can't believe we have finished, it seems like only yesterday that we started! I feel a little bit like I have failed this final challenge - I have no polishes beginning with Z, and while there are a few out there, I couldn't justify buying one just for the purpose of this blog (I know I've done just that for several other installments, but I am stone broke at the moment). So instead, I cheated a little and went for some zebra print stamping!

My base is a polish which has featured in this blog series already - F.U.N Lacquer "Queen". I used Bundle Monster plate BM-223 and a black polish I bought in a job lot from eBay for the stamping, and finished with top coat:

And as mama Bean is in the same "lack of Z polishes" predicament as I am, she chose to do some zebra stamping too! She used a base of Sinful Colors "Unicorn", the same plate as I used, and Barry M "Paprika":

And that, folks, is that! The end of the A To Z Blog Series. I have had so much fun taking part in this challenge, and if I am brutally honest, I don't think I would have continued to keep this blog up to date had I not been invited to take part, so I would like to thank Charlie and all the other lovely ladies for helping me to regain my blogging mojo.

As always, check the A To Z Blog Series Hub Page to see what everybody else has chosen for their Z manicures, aaannnddd..... Come back next week, there may (DEFINITELY WILL) be another challenge on its way ;)

Thanks for reading :) x

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  1. WOW that nail polish is gorgeous :o love the zebra as well!!