Thursday, 18 September 2014

A To Z: V is for No7 "Vivid Violet" & Nails Inc "Villiers Street"

Hello dears! This week in our A to Z Blog Series we are on the letter V - can you believe how quickly the time has gone? It seemed only a couple of weeks ago that we started, yet here we are, just a few letters away from the end of the alphabet!

I have chosen two V polishes this week: No7 "Vivid Violet" and Nails Inc "Villiers Street", with which I have created a tape-assisted geometric striped manicure.

I started with two coats of No7 "Vivid Violet" and top coat:

And then once my top coat was dry, I applied strips of striping tape to my nails and painted over them with one coat of Nails Inc "Villiers Street", removed the tape, and finished with top coat:

I am really pleased with this manicure. I don't often do this type of nail art as it's too fiddly for someone as cack-handed as I am, but this attempt was surprisingly stress-free, and I especially love the jewel tones of the red and purple together :)

Now it's mummy's turn! This week she went for Ciate "Vintage", and she jazzed it up with a Barry M glitter polish (Rose Quartz) which she received for her birthday on Tuesday:

Don't forget to check the hub page to see everybody else's contributions to the letter V, and come back next week for another installment!

Thanks for reading :) x

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  1. This purple looks amazing. And looks really good with the red too :-D

    I love the glitter on your mum's nails :-D