Thursday, 4 September 2014

A to Z: T is for Tetris

Hi folks! This is a scheduled post as I will be away on Thursday when we usually do our A to Z challenge and probably will be too tired on Friday, so I have this post prepared in advance!

This week we are on the letter T. I chose Indy's Indies "Tetris", a really fun glitter topper made from multi-coloured square glitters in a clear base. I wanted to capture the essence of the Tetris game, so I applied it over a black base.

Here it is, one coat of Indy's Indies "Tetris" over a black base, with top coat:

And then to finish, in order to cut the reflection and allow the colours in Tetris to be seen more easily, I added a layer of matte top coat (which didn't really want to dry fully matte, annoyingly):

And now it's mummy's turn! This week she chose a lovely neutral shade, Barry M "Truffle" Silk Nail Paint, which I gave her for Mother's Day this year! She applied two coats, with no top coat:

Don't forget to check the A to Z Blog Series hub page for everybody else's lovely manicures, and come back next week for another installment.

Thanks for reading :) x


  1. What a fun looking glitter! It like it matte too :-)