Friday, 13 June 2014

R & R Lacquers Swatches & Review

Hi friends! I have four lovely polishes from R & R Lacquers to introduce you to today. Two are from their spring collection entitled "Primavera", and two are from their upcoming "Assemble! Pt. 2" collection.

Carry on reading for pics and info! All swatches are finished with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat.

"Birthday Cake"

Birthday Cake is from the Primavera Collection. It is a white crelly base with a variety of small glitter particles in pastel colours. It is a little too sheer for my exceptionally stained nails, so my pictures show three coats. It was easy to apply though, not gloopy or stringy like some crelly based polishes can be, and dried quickly, although with there being quite a lot of particles in this polish, it dried slightly rough, so you may wish to double up on top coat. This is quite typical of this kind of polish.


Hellebore is also from the Primavera Collection. It is a soft jade green crelly base with small yellow squares and larger pink flowers. My pictures show two coats. Application was pleasingly easy - I usually have to do a lot of fishing for larger bits like these flowers, but as you can see I had at least one on every nail. I did move them around a little bit on my nail to make sure they weren't too bunched up together. They don't lie totally flat on my nails, but then I have a very tight C curve, so that is no surprise. 

"Trick Shot"

Trick Shot is from the Assemble! Pt. 2 Collection, and is "named for Hawkeye's amazing archery abilities". It consists of purply blue flekcs which are quite densely packed in, and larger black and iridescent particles. My pictures show two coats layered over a dusty, mid-blue creme polish. It was really easy to apply, with a great distribution of particles. You could probably wear this on its own if you wanted, but I prefer the layered look.

"Ultimate Fury"

Ultimate Fury is also from the Assemble! Pt. 2 Collection, "named for the first version of Nick Fury to be influenced by Samuel L. Jackson". It is a clear based glitter topper with black dots, white squares, blue hexes, and fine holographic particles. My pictures show two coats over a grey creme base. Again, really easy application - as you can see from the number of dots on my nails, they were really easy to load on to the brush, which I wasn't expecting. As with all these polishes, it dried quickly.

I must admit I had to Google the references for the "Assemble!" collection polishes as I had absolutely no idea, but now I am more informed it is clear to see how well Rachael & Rebecca have interpreted their influences into nail polishes.

I am very impressed with all of these R & R Lacquers. Unique combinations and very good formulas = thumbs up from Bean!

You can buy R & R Lacquers from their Etsy store, and keep up with all the news on their Facebook page.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon! :) x

**Products provided for honest, unbiased review**


  1. These look fab! I got some different ones to review, but I think I'll be ordering Ultimate Fury :D

  2. Ultimate Fury is definitely my favourite too, so unique in my collection at least :) xx

  3. Nice collection! Trick Shot is lovely :-)