Thursday, 1 May 2014

A to Z: C is for "Caipirinha"

Hello! It's Thursday, so that means A to Z day!

Last week's post had ALL THE FAFFAGE, so I decided to keep it simple this week and go for a one-polish manicure. "Caipirinha" is from Freckles Polish's recent Happy Hour Holos collection, and is a bright, fresh spring green with a very pretty linear holographic finish. It is named after a cocktail (as the whole collection is) but I don't drink - I'm guessing a Caipirinha is green!

Pictures all show two coats, plus top coat:

What do you think? I love a good green, and I love a good holo. Put them together and I can't fail to be delighted :)

Check the A to Z blog series hub page to see what everybody else has done for the letter C, and don't forget to come back next Thursday for the letter D!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Yup I'd have to say this is a nice polish. Holo and green are often a good combo in my books ;-)

  2. Ooh, that holo is strong. Nice!

  3. This is a gorgeous polish and you did such a great job capturing it in the photo :)