Thursday, 3 April 2014

Recent Manicures Round-Up

Hi friends! Well, it's April already (holy shiet!) but I have barely published two weeks' worth of blog posts since the start of the year, so I decided to do a round-up of some of what's been on my nails so far this year. It's far from everything, and there is neither rhyme nor reason to what made it into this post - it is just a random selection - but I hope it goes a little way towards making up for being such a terrible blogger.

Lots of pictures (in chronological order from least- to most-recent) with a brief description of each :)

Nails Inc "Old Bond Street", two coats:

Pocket Money Polishes "Alien Like You", one coat over China Glaze "Re-Fresh Mint":

Indy's Indies "Tetris", one coat over OPI "Alpine Snow":

Leighton Denny "Beyond Gold", two coats:

Rimmel "Luna Love", two coats:

Leighton Denny "Bon Voyage", two coats:

Barry M "Mermaid" Aquarium Nail Paint, two coats over Barry M "Sugar Apple" Gelly Nail Paint:

Dance Legend "Just Another Star", two coats:

China Glaze "Short & Sassy", two coats:

Freckles Polish "Gypsy Lucky Heather", two coats:

AEngland "Saint George", two coats; with stamping using Color Club "Kismet" and Pueen plate 15:

TarasTalons "Wonders Never Cease", one coat over Barry M "Prickly Pear" Gelly Nail Paint:

So there you go, a little selection of 2014 so far! Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon! x


  1. Gorgeous, i normally do not like white nail polishes but omo really loving it... the coloured flecks really set it off.

    Following you hon x

    You should check out my latest entry there is a brilliant deal on 11 nail polishes +3 free gifts and pretty cheap too plus there nail strips.... OMO lol :)

  2. Do you know where I can buy Glitter Babies Alien Like You and Indy's Indies Tetris polishes from? They look gorgeous! I can't find them using a Google search, do you know if there are online stockists of either?

    I love your nail looks!


    1. Hi Hannah, thank you! I'm really sorry but neither of the brands which you asked about are in business any more, sadly xx

  3. Thanks for your reply. What a shame, they're amazing! What about your Tara's Talon's Wonders Never Cease?

    I very rarely find so many amazing nail looks in one place, yours are brilliant!


    1. More bad news i'm afraid, Wonders never cease was, as far as i'm aware, a limited edition shade a year or so ago and i think i nabbed the last one, sorry, again!! Xx

  4. Thanks for letting me know xxx