Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Moyra Swatches & Review

Hi everybody! Today I have  a new-to-the-UK brand to introduce you to. "Moyra" is a well established European brand who have recently launched here in the UK, and I have four of their polishes for your eyeballs' delight today!

"No. 404":

No. 404 from the Matte Effect range is a rich burgundy shimmer with a matte finish. Very fluid but well pigmented formula which was smooth to apply. Dries quickly, but the matte effect takes a little while to develop fully. As it is a matte finish, top coat is not necessary, although you are free to apply it if you want to turn it into a glossy finish. Pictures show two coats, no top coat. 


"No. 506"

No. 506 from the Suede Effect range is a medium slate grey with slightly chunky silver shimmer, which also has a matte finish. Another very fluid but well pigmented formula, this one dries ultra fast, and you may want to take extra care not to paint over the same spot too many times to avoid dragging. The matte finish on this one develops very quickly and is very matte. As before, top coat is not required but you can apply it to turn it glossy if you wish. Pictures show two coats, no top coat.


"No. 89"

No. 89 from the Classic Collection is a vibrant navy shimmer with tiny silver particles. Formula seemed a little sheer on the first coat, but the second coat created a perfectly opaque look. Pictures show two coats with top coat.


"No. 852"

No. 852 from the Sand Effect range is a pale gold textured polish with chunkier, brighter gold flecks. Formula is typical of this kind of polish - the first coat applies fairly patchy, but the second coat evens things out. I always forego base coat with textured polishes to ensure it dries to its most textured finish possible; whether you do so is entirely up to you. Again, as with most textured polishes the effect takes a while to fully develop. Pictures show two coats, no top coat (in the interests of experimentation, I did apply top coat after taking these pictures, but it took three very thick layers of old Seche Vite to achieve a perfectly smooth finish - whilst extremely pretty, I would probably advise you to leave this one as it is and enjoy the sparkly, gritty textured look for what it is).

My over-all opinion of these polishes is very positive. With the exception of the Sand Effect, the formulas were all very fluid but easy to control. One thing I will note is that the brushes weren't all the same - the Matte & Suede polishes had standard "round" brushes, whilst the Classic & Sand polishes had flat, square-cut brushes. I personally prefer the round brushes, due entirely to the shape of my cuticle line.

If you are in the UK you can currently order these and all the other Moyra shades through their Facebook page - Moyra UK Facebook Page - prices start at £3.-- per bottle.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

**Products provided for honest, un-biased review**


  1. Very pretty Anna! I love 506. Shame they don't have names!

    Tara xox