Friday, 11 April 2014

Color Club "Fashion Addict" NOTD

Hello friends, happy Friiiidaaaaay! 

It's sunny here today, and you know the score by now - sun = HOLO TIME!!!

I went for Color Club "Fashion Addict" today, because it has been so long since I wore it last and well, it's so pretty! It's a soft lilac shade with a scattered but vibrant holographic finish. Application is fine, none of the high maintenance drama of certain linear holographic polishes, so I used normal base coat and two easy coats of polish. My photos are without top coat - this one suffers greatly from dulling upon applying top coat. The holographic finish does return eventually, but it takes a little while and I couldn't risk the sun going away before I took my photographs!

On to the pictures! As mentioned, all show two coats, no top coat.

(This next picture is a just a bonus, faffy shot, because I love flowers - these cute little forget-me-nots grow in abundance in my garden)

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Your pictures are perfect! I already own this polish but when I saw the photos I felt the urge to go out and buy it again :)))

  2. I have nominated you.....