Monday, 31 March 2014

ILNP "Cygnus Loop" & Iconic Effect "Northern Lights" NOTD

Howdy folks! How are you? Random NOTD blog post for you today! I am the first to admit I have been terrible at blogging recently - I just haven't been in the mood for it. I am going to try and get myself back into gear again though!

So, for today's manicure I started off with two coats of ILNP "Cygnus Loop", an amazedicks purple-based multichrome which I'm sure needs no more introduction than that by now (my base coat is full of lumps and bubbles, sorry about that):

Then, I added two coats of Iconic Effect "Northern Lights", which is a holographic multichrome whose colours are the same as Cygnus Loop only a lot more sheer, making it perfect for layering:

This was really difficult to photograph, so I apologise for the inconsistent lighting and lack of visible holo - trust me, it's there, and it's beautiful!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon! :) x

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Gradient Nails with ILNP "Emerald Dew Drops"

Hello dears! I treated myself to a little ILNP order a little while ago and it arrived today, hooray! I could only afford one, so I went for the one I have been dying to get for ages: "Emerald Dew Drops" (an obvious choice, given my love for all things green).

It's a clear-based glitter topper with a variety of green, teal, and white glitters (all different shapes, sizes, and finishes). 

It is so beautiful, and I wanted to do something a bit more special than just layering it over a plain base, so I did a gradient to layer it over instead. For the gradient I used two Barry M Gelly Nail Paints: "Sugar Apple" and "Watermelon", and I applied two coats of "Emerald Dew Drops" on top of that.

Pictures are all with top coat:

What do you think? I haven't done anything like this for a long time, but despite my lack of practice, I am really pleased with the result.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Freckles Polish Swatches & Review

Hi everybody! I have three polishes from a brand new UK indie company, Freckles Polish, to show you today! 

"Freckles Polish is UK indie brand nail polish. Everything is designed and created by hand by Julieann Byrne. All products are made with care in small batches and are cruelty free." More information about how to buy at the end of this post!

I have one polish from the "Bridget Jones" collection, and two from the "Sprung" collection. My swatches are all with base & top coat.


"Easter Bonnet Competition" from the Sprung collection:

Easter Bonnet Competition is a pastel yellow "crelly" base with colourful glitters, including purple, green, blue and turquoise hex of different sizes. For a crelly based polish, the formula was actually very good - nicely pigmented with an even dispersion of glitters which required zero fishing or placement. I applied two coats of slightly generous thickness, and they covered my nails well with barely any hint of VNL.


"Wild Flower Meadow" from the Sprung collection:

"Wild Flower Meadow" is a clear-based glitter topper with matte pink, matte purple, blue, gold, turquoise, white and pink hex of different sizes. I chose to apply one coat over a pale, dusty green creme (Nails Inc "Holland Park Gardens"). Application was trouble free - the glitters aren't packed in too densely, but they are evenly dispersed and required zero fishing or placement.


"Nice Boys Don't Kiss Like That" from the Bridget Jones collection:

"Nice Boys Don't Kiss Like That" is a smoky greyish black shimmer base with a variety of glitters including silver holographic, red and gunmetal hex of different sizes. Before I applied this I was a little worried it would be too sheer to cover my nails and had anticipated needing three coats to cover, however it was almost entirely opaque after two fairly generous (but not by any means thick) coats so I left it there. It is still sheer enough that you can just see the glitters in the first coat through the second coat, which gives a deep, mysterious effect. The glitter dispersion is slightly more sparse than the other two polishes, but as with them it is still easy to apply and required minimal fishing.

Freckles Polish's Etsy store is open now and taking pre-orders for these three polishes and many more! You can find them here: Freckles Polish Etsy Store; you can also keep up to date on their Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

**Products provided for honest, unbiased review**

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lush Lacquer "Dream On"

Hello everybody! Remember me?! I haven't been very well recently so it has been a while since my last blog post, sorry! I am beginning to feel better now though and my nail painting mojo has most definitely returned, so I thought I'd do a little NOTD post :)

Lush Lacquer "Dream On" is a milky white based polish with purple, blue, and green particles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of the larger bits have stuck to the edges of the bottle (common with this kind of polish), so I sat it upside down (with the lid screwed on tight) for a while and gave it a good shake before I painted my nails - this made it easier to grab some of the bigger bits on my brush (I had more success today than when I posted about this polish previously) . I applied two fairly generous coats which covered my stained nails adequately.

Pictures all show two coats with base and top coat:

Thaks for reading, and come back soon :) x