Saturday, 2 November 2013

Color Club "Blue-ming" and Stamping With MoYou

Hello everybody, happy Saturday! I have a random NOTD post for you today!

Today's polish is Color Club "Blue-ming". Until a few minutes ago, I was unsure as to what it was, as it has no label, but a little digging in the internets (and having already ruled out New Bohemian, which seems too dirty and dark in comparison with this) has revealed that it is "Blue-ming". Hooray! It is a bight, fresh aqua creme - very similar to Nails Inc "Royal Botanical Gardens" - but slightly more green.

My pictures show two coats, with base & top coat:

Now, it's stamping time!! I ordered some MoYou plates last month and after a looooong wait, they finally arrived today, so of course I had to christen them! I chose to use a lovely floral design from MoYou Pro XL plate 06, and Nails Inc "Covent Garden", and finished with top coat:

Do you have any MoYou plates? What do you think of them? I am very impressed so far, although I feel a bit daft - since I ordered them, my nails have been shortened drastically, so the XL images are now a bit big to say the least! No matter, I'd rather them be too big than too small and at least I will still be able to use them if my nails ever manage to grow long again!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) xx


  1. Lovely design!
    I love Moyou plates! Their plates are very original and have a good quality! :)

  2. I like this nail color very bright!! <3