Friday, 14 June 2013

Stamping with my New Pueen Plates!

Yeah baby! I ordered the second set of Pueen plates from their website recently and they arrived today - to say I was excited when the postman arrived this morning would be a massive understatement. 

I did a quick, subtle, dirty stamp over yesterday's manicure to start with, using Barry M "Gold Foil Effects" and Pueen plate 26:

And here is today's manicure. I started with two coats of Nails Inc "Piccadilly Circus":

And then, using Nails Inc "Old Park Lane", I stamped a beautiful, intricately detailed image from Pueen plate 44, and finished with top coat:

(I know my fingers and cuticles are a mess, I hadn't realised until after I had photographed!)

What do you think? As with the first set of Pueen plates, the quality is superb. I have tested every image on every plate and they all stamp perfectly. This set is called "Love Elements", so there are quite a few heart-themed designs, but none of them are twee or sickly. One thing I am even more impressed with this time is the fact that, unlike the first set, this set does not have the crescent cut-out at the bottom of the full nail images, making the entire image usable and more suitable for longer nails. They also seem slightly bigger than the previous set's images, which is always a plus. Finally, this set came with an adorable little storage pouch with sleeves for every plate, which was a lovely touch. I am delighted, and you know I'm going to be stamping over everything for the foreseeable future!! :D

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Ooo I didn't realise they posted to UK did you have to pay any import on them?

    1. No, no import duty! It was really quick delivery too, I was very impressed :) xx

  2. Oh Thank you. I think I may need to get some :)

  3. Love them! Gold Foil Effects stamped really well over that base, it's subtle but so pretty.

  4. I bought mine at Amazon for $18.00, looking for ideas on combinations (colors), so cool, thanks for sharing yours!! Normis