Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sasatinnie "Pomegranate"

Hello dears! Sorry (again) for no blog post yesterday. A) I wasn't really all that keen on what I'd done with my nails; and b) we had a major power failure at home yesterday evening so I was stuck in the dark ages until gone 10:30pm, by which time I was in no mood for blogging. Anyway, I think what I have to show you today will make up for that!

Remember the Color4Nails competition which I told you about in this post? Well today I finally have the second of those prizes to show you. Sasatinnie "Pomegranate" is a flaky top coat in a red tinted base. The flakes are predominantly red, and they shift to orange, yellow, and green. It is an absolutely gorgeous effect which I think is demonstrated best when applied over darker colours. I had a mini bottle, which is heart-shaped. It is ever so very cute, but the brush stalk is very short and the handle is small and round, making it a bit tricky to handle with my giant hands and long fingers. However, it still applied very well, and the two coats dried very quickly. I applied those two coats over a very, very dark browny black - Nails Inc "Lily" - which you can see here.

Pictures are all with top coat (Nails Inc "Kensington Caviar" top coat):


What do you think? Are you as much a fan of flaky polishes as I am?

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. These look beautiful! I love the shift in colour

  2. Beautiful :) I love flakies!

  3. That's lovely! I'm quite a fan of flakies too!

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  5. this is super pretty! x

  6. Thank you every body for all your lovely comments :) xx

  7. Great!
    And the bottle is soo cute <3