Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Iconic Effect Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Hello dearlings! I have something very exciting to show you today. I was recently sent some nail polishes from Iconic Effect, "a new and exciting UK custom nail polish brand operated by Kerry and Kelly". Their very first collection consists of six polishes, and is called "Can I Have A P Please, Bob?",  (all the polish names begin with the letter P - I see what you did there! ;) ). I received three of those to review, so I would like to share them with you today.

First up is "Purple Paradise" - a clear base with a variety of glitters and sequins, including purple, pink, and holographic in varying sizes and shapes. I chose to apply two coats over a pale lilac creme polish, and finished with top coat:


"Purple Paradise" has a very good formula - the particles are evenly distributed making it easy to apply, with no need for dabbing, fishing, or placement. It dried to a very smooth finish which was very welcomed by me, as I'm not a fan of texture. It is so sparkly and pretty, I couldn't stop staring at my hands every time the sun hit them. While I layered it over a pale lilac, I think it would also look stunning over a darker purple or black, and even over white too.... Heck, put it over any colour and I bet it'd look superb.


Next up is "Pop Rocks" - a mid to pale blue milky base with a variety of pastel-shaded glitters and sequins, with a delicate smattering of holographic particles too. The base of this polish is a little bit sheer, and as I don't much like to see my nail line I choose first to apply a very pale blue creme to act as "undies", over which I applied two coats of "Pop Rocks", and finished with top coat: 

"Pop Rocks" can easily be worn on its own with no base colour if you prefer the squishy look, but I am happy with the way I chose to layer it - this created the opacity I desired yet still allowed the depth of the milky base and glitters to show itself well, without altering the colour of the polish too much. I had to fish around a fair bit in the bottle to pick up the larger pink sequins, and in doing so I managed to get at least one on almost every nail - a good shake first may help to make it easier to load them on to the brush. Otherwise the formula was easy to apply, and has a perfectly smooth finish.


Finally is "Portfolio Pink" - medium, ever-so-slightly-purple undertoned candy pink creme with extremely fine scattered pink and purple glitter particles (to my eye they look as though they have a slightly jagged appearance, like tiny glass flecks). I applied two coats and finished with top coat:

"Portfolio Pink" had an absolutely divine formula. It was smooth, well pigmented, very easy to apply, and perfectly opaque with two coats. The little particles, while not as evident on the nail as in the bottle, are still very pretty - they sparkle delicately in bright light, and in the shade they create a lovely "sprinkled" effect. I'm not the world's biggest pink advocate but I have to say I absolutely love this one.


I may sound as though I'm gushing a little bit with these reviews, but I can't do anything but. All three of these polishes are superb, and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the collection.

Iconic Effect polishes are 15ml in size, have a 3-Free formula, and will cost £6.50 each. You will be able to buy them very soon from the Iconic Effect Etsy store. You can also find more information and many more swatches on their Facebook page.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

**These polishes were sent for an honest, unbiased review**


  1. Pop Rocks is really pretty on you :)


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  3. oh wow might have to have a look at buying these. Beautiful swatches.

  4. Amazing swatches Anna! I'm loving their polishes! Absolutely love the middle one xx

  5. All these polishes look amazing & what a great review. X.

  6. Thank you everybody for your lovely comments :) xx