Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Collection Hot Looks "All That Jazz"

Hello peeps. I have another polish from my mini Superdrug haul to show you today. Collection Hot Looks "All That Jazz" is a dark brownish greyish sort of colour with slightly chunky silver shimmer. Formula was very good, as I have come to expect of Collection's Hot Look nail polishes recently - easy to apply, well pigmented, and opaque with two coats (it would have been acceptable with one tbh but I never leave it at just one coat). I still am not overly keen on the brushes, but for the teeny, tiny price, you really can't go wrong with this range.

Pictures show two coats, plus base & top coat:

As you can see, I've had to file my nails down today. They've pretty much lost the plot lately and just will not behave. Even now I'm not happy with them, I can't get them straight and even, and lately my ring finger nail (on this hand) just wants to point in a completely different direction that the rest so this side-on shot looks ridic! Cue sad face :(

Also, I know I have quite a few comments on other posts that I've yet to reply to - my loves, I always try and reply to all comments but please don't feel offended if it takes me a while or I never get round to it - I read and appreciate each and every one but just for now, life's gone a bit downhill and I'm struggling to keep up with it all and stay perky. I hope you understand <3

Thanks for reading, and please come back again soon :) x


  1. Very classy. I like this a lot and I think the powerful tone really suits the shape and style of your nails. Stress definitely has a detrimental effect on the nails - mine are behaving most peculiarly at the moment and intense googling seems to suggest that may be the cause so somehow or other we must determine to get happy, if only to ensure our nails start to behave in a more appropriate manner! That being said your photo skills are obviously exceptional because all this skewwiffness(is that how you spell it?!) is not showing to the naked eye!
    Don't feel you have to reply to each and every comment - give yourself a break lovely! x

  2. Thank you both for your lovely comments xxx