Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nails Inc "Greenwich Park"

Happy Saturday lovely friends! I had more nail mail today, and what a bargain it was too! The Metallics Collection from Nails Inc was (and may still be) in the "Get It Or Regret It" section of Nails Inc's website at £10.00 - that's £1.00 less than a full sized bottle would cost individually! I was very, very canny and ordered it during a free p&p promotion Nails Inc ran a week or so ago, and today my pretties arrived!

It contains three polishes in gold, silver, and bronze, and I believe it was released at the same time the London Olympics were taking place, for obvious reasons!

I chose to wear the silver polish first, but to call it just "silver" is to do it a huge disservice. "Greenwich Park"is a full coverage silver glitter packed full of fine glitter and foil particles - it's more than just a glitter, it's totally amazing. It was a breeze to apply - no dabbing or anything faffy like that. I honestly could have left it at one coat, but habit prevailed and I went for two. It dries quickly, and doesn't eat top coat either - I used one coat of a slightly thickened old top coat (Nubar Diamont) and an hour later it is still glassy smooth. 

Pictures show two coats of Greenwich Park with base & top coat, and a variety of different lighting conditions to display the amazing glittery, foily, wondrous finish:

(Direct, very bright sunlight)


(Obliquely-angled diffuse sunlight)

What do you think? Would you wear such a glitzy polish as this on a normal, boring Saturday afternoon? I would, and I am!! I totally love it.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. wow thats a good price, I should look about for deals too, I really want some nails inc polish.

    That polish is so beautiful, my glitter nail polish does not cover nicely like that.

    1. It's always worth a look on their website, the "get It Or Regret It " section is always well stocked with bargain goodies. They don't often do free p&p though so it's swings and roundabouts really - I was very lucky with my timing on this one :) xx