Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Nails Inc "Emerald Street"

Hi loves. Do you ever have those really pissy days during which everything annoys you? Well I'm having one today. When it came to nail painting time, the polish I had originally planned to wear just wasn't "doing it" for me, so instead I went back to an old favourite - one which I know will never fail to cheer me up.

Nails Inc "Emerald Street" isn't a complicated polish - in fact it's one of the simplest, and sometimes (as in this case), the simplest things are the best. It's a rich, vivid, vibrant emerald green shimmer with a formula which is perfection itself.

Pictures show two coats, plus base & top coat:

And to (sort of) show just how aptly this polish is named, here is a matchy matchy shot with my "emerald" ring (it's a simulated emerald, obviously - I've more chance of pooping a rainbow than being able to afford a genuine emerald like this!)

Are there "old faithful" polishes in your collection which you know will always cheer you up?

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

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