Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nails Inc "Boltons Place" and Stamping with Pueen!

Hello peoplings! I am very happy today - I ordered a set of Pueen stamping plates on Monday and they arrived this morning! I haven't had chance to test every image yet, but I have used one of them for today's manicure. We'll get on to that in a bit; first though is what I used a base for the manicure! 

Nails Inc "Boltons Place" is a medium taupe/mink with a pretty pinkish pearly shimmer. Formula is quite thick and gloopy, and my brush is cut badly, so application was difficult. I remember the brush being bad last time I wore it but honestly don't remember it being so thick, I remember it being quite runny actually. Guess time hasn't treated it well :( Anyway, it's a very pretty neutral and I like it a lot.

Pictures show two coats, no top coat:

Now for the stamping! I used an ornate small-repeat full-nail design from Pueen plate 17, and Nails Inc "Providence Crescent:

As you can see, the image is really clear, it picks up perfectly and I really love it - I'm definitely looking forward to trying the rest! One disadvantage though: the full-nail designs have the crescent cut out at one end (so they can be used for either French tip or half-moon manicures), which obiviously creates a shorter over-all image area. They fit my finger nails quite easily at their current length, but on my thumb nails it is really stretching it and only just fits (in fact there is a tiny gap at the base as you can see) - if they grow any longer I will have to double stamp.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon! :) x


  1. Wow they stamp soo well! looks beautiful! so annoying they make plates so damn small though x

    1. Thank you Char! It is frustrating that they don't make them big enough. There are some brands that do really big ones but I haven't been able to find them available to buy anywhere - we are destined for a life of double stamping if we wis to grow our nails long :( xx

  2. hello Anna. thanks for posting this mani. so pretty. I have both sets of Pueen and I love them for their unique designs. However, as you said, the images are not big enough. I am an stamping addict and have bought many plates lately. If you're looking for larger images, try DRK plates (at they have super big images. they are not round plates though. they're kindda similar to Cheeky XL plates in size. In case you haven't hear of Cheeky XL plates (which has large images as well), you can find them at amazon. If you are in facebook, join the stamping group. you will get lots of idea about different kinds of plates and designs :) (the group name is: Adventures in Stamping)