Thursday, 4 April 2013

Invogue "Jaye Bird" Feather Effect Polish

I received some modest nail mail today, in the form of four Invogue polishes which I ordered from Superdrug's website during their free P&P promotion recently. I have the first of them to show you today, yay! 

Invogue "Jaye Bird" is from their range of feather effect polishes, which imitate Nails Inc's own feather polishes perfectly, at a fraction of the price. "Jaye Bird" is the same as Nails Inc "Cornwall": a mixture of matte blue and white strand particles in a clear gloss base. I chose to apply it over a periwinkle blue (2True Colour Quick "Shade 20"). I had planned to apply two coats of Jaye Bird, but I really liked the effect that one coat created, so I left it at that:

Pictures show two coats of the 2True, one of Jaye Bird, plus base & top coat:

And here is a shot of 2True Colour Quick "Shade 20" on its own - it's a really pretty periwinkle blue with a very delicate, almost-hidden pearly shimmer. Two coats, no top coat:

Annoyingly my camera can't process the blue shades in these colours properly - in reality they are far more cool-toned and less green.

What do you think, have you any feather effect polishes?

Invogue's range of nail polishes (including the feather effects) can also be purchased from OhBeauty, where they offer free UK shipping!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Gosh, that looks JUST like the Nails Inc ones!

    I have the multi-coloured Nails Inc (Chesters); I posted about it on my blog a few weeks ago, and I really like them. I'll be checking out Superdrug for these soon - I'd like to do a proper comparison!

    1. It would be very interesting to know just how similar they are! I have the multi-coloured one from Invogue too, in fact the only one I didn't get was the peachy coloured one :) xx

  2. Can't believe I've never spotted these on superdrugs website before, god knows I've been through their polish selection enough times, it looks great and I'll be ordering me some this week :)

    1. Ha sometimes the best things pass us by don't they! And I pretty much live on their nail polish section too, love a good mosey round, so to speak, even if I don't buy anyting! xx