Friday, 5 April 2013

AEngland "Saint George"

Today I am showing you my first and only AEngland polish! "Saint George" is a sumptuous deep teal polish with a very pretty, soft, scattered holographic finish, which is very sparkly. I have to say I am less than enamoured with the formula. I don't know if my bottle is a dud, but it is thick and very viscous, almost gelatinous, and not nice to apply. My brush is defective too, rough bristles which stick out in all directions, and one which is looped back on itself. Hhmmph :(

Pictures show two coats after a lot of clean-up, with base coat but no top coat:

Now that my nails are a lot shorter, I have discovered that the full nail designs on my Bundle Monster plates just about cover my nails fully (with the exception of my thumbs, which is understandable - they are very wide), so I decided to do a bit of stamping using the leaf design from plate BM19 and Barry M "Gold Foil Effect" polish:

Whilst I am really miffed about the formula of Saint George, I am willing to forgive it pretty much anything - it's too beautiful for it to matter, and I think it provided a perfect base for the leaf design!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. That colour looks great on you - shame about the formula and the brush. I'd contact A England about that if I were you; I've got several of their polishes and I've not had any of these problems.

    The stamping looks really good with this too :)

  2. Saint George is beautiful :) and I love the golden stamping!
    Sorry to hear about the brush and application :( I have only 2 A-England polishes, both of them have good formulas..

  3. Thank you both for your comments :) xx

  4. I purchased A England's Princess Sabra and found the same problem with the brush. It was flared out and you have to watch how you apply the polish. Yes, the formula is thick and it takes time to smooth down and not drag. I waited 10 minutes for my Revlon Base Coat to dry too. You mentioned using NFU Oh Aqua base and I wondered if you tried it under A England's polish? If so, did it pop the color more and did it stop the drag?

    I was so impressed with A England's colors that I purchased Saint George and Dragon. Still haven't looked at the brushes (gosh, I hope they don't look bad). It's just that the colors are so not common and beautiful.