Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nails Inc "Stratton Street"

Hello lovely internet! How are ya? I have another blue polish to show you today - the penultimate choice from my little blue selection. Nails Inc "Stratton Street" was, I believe, a QVC UK exclusive colour. It's a deep, very purple-toned navy creme with a very, very slight hint of jelly to it. Formula-wise, it's absolutely terrible. I struggled with it the last time I wore it and if anything it seems to have worsened. It's watery, drippy, streaky, and patchy. To add insult to injury, my brush is a bit wonky, so I had a hard time applying it. I managed to get it good with three coats but those three coats were arduous and very stressful.

Pictures, then, show three coats plus base & top coat:

What do you think? Are you willing to forgive a bad formula for the sake of a nice colour? Luckily for Stratton Street I *love* the colour - if I felt anything less for it, I'd have given up on it long ago.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. It maybe not unique, but still a very beautiful purple :)
    sorry to hear about the application problems..
    I think I'm ok with layering and building up color if the end result is worth it :)

  2. That looks really nice, even if application was a pain.

    Yes, I'm OK with difficult application too if I like the end result enough :)

  3. Thank you both for your comments :) xx

  4. How the flipping heck do you get such an amazing smooth finish with those great cuticle lines, when the formula is that bad? Amazing!

    I'll deal with awful application on Revlon - Blue Lagoon. I actually have a back-up because I love the colour so much, but it takes 3-4 dragging, thin, cuticle-flooding coats to get to an acceptable level. Ah the things we do for polish :) xx

    1. Aw thank you Becca!! I am a total perfectionist, and I kind of see it as a challenge set down to me when I get a bad polish, almost as though the bottle is taunting me saying "You'll never get me to look good!" and I'm like, "I bloody will you little bugger!!" ;)

      Oh my God, Blue Lagoon is a nightmare isn't it!! I couldn't be putting up with it so I got rid of mine in the end :/ xx