Monday, 18 March 2013

Barielle "Shannon's Attitude"

Recently, one of my fellow nail polish addict friends - a lovely lady named Jemma - entered a competition run by Color4Nails (a fantastic place to buy nail polish at great prices) wherein she had to refer a friend and say why she chose that friend and why she felt she deserved to win. Well Jemma chose to refer me, and she decided that if she won, she would send the prizes on to me for me to blog about. Lo and behold, she did win, and the prizes arrived today! I am so grateful to Jemma and to Color4Nails for this opportunity! So, here we have the first of my two prizes: Barielle "Shannon's Attitude". It's a very sheer, purple-tinted jelly base with tiny holographic glitter particles and larger, chunky, purple holographic strand glitter. It was very easy to apply, the sheer base wasn't streaky or patchy, and I didn't have to fish around for particles - they are evenly dispersed and don't clump together. I felt it would look best layered over a corresponding colour, so I applied it over 2True Colour Quick Nail polish in "Shade 14", a very pale lilac creme.

Pictures show two coats of "Shannon's Attitude" over the 2True lilac, with base & top coat:

And a shot of 2True Colour Quick "Shade 14" on its own, two coats, no top coat:

I absolutely love "Shannon's Attitude", it looks like thousands of tiny purple fireworks exploding on my nails! 

Do you have much luck with competitions? I hardly ever win anything, so this was really special to me!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. That was really nice of her. No I have no luck with competitions so I give up entering them lol.

    I love that first nail polish the glitter one, it's stunning and so is the lilac my favorite colour.

    1. It was a really kind of her to do :) The Barielle really is the most beautiful polish, I'm so pleased to own it ^_^ xx