Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Color Club "Cosmic Fate"

A little break from matchy matchy today, as I have a new baby to show you! I received a little bit of nail mail this morning, in the form of two of Color Club's 2013 Halo Hues collection, and a sweet little gift from my lovely Hayley, which was a mini bottle of OPI "I Lily Love You". I decided to try one of the Color Clubs first, so here it is! 

"Cosmic Fate" is a warm peachy pink colour with a very strong, amazingly vivid linear holographic finish. The fantastic thing about the Color Club Halo Hues is that, despite being linear holographic polishes (which are notoriously high maintenance), they are easy to apply, there is no need for Aqua Base (or similar) - you can use your regular base coat, and top coat doesn't dull the effect (there is an initial reaction when top coat is first applied but the holographic effect reappears completely and rapidly, within minutes). 

Pictures show two coats with Orly Bonder base coat; the first is with top coat (Nubar Diamont), the second and third are without.

What do you think? Aside from the obviously beautiful rainbow colours, I think this is a really pretty colour even in low light, it reminds me of rose gold.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. amazing photos!! just stunning :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe thank you! I was pretty ecstatic when the postman brought me this today ^_^ xx

  3. Great minds Anna! I'm wearing a color club holographic today! Part of the 2012 collection but still beautiful! I'll be snapping up the 2013 collection too, this looks beautiful!! xx

    1. Aaww lovely!! Which one are you wearing today? I only have this one and Eternal Beauty from the 2013 collection, and only Cherubic from the first collection. Want them ALL but funds dictate I can't have them :( xx

    2. Cloud nine, it's sooo beautiful!
      I have angel kiss and harp on it to try too :) I got them from sally magpies. She's getting the 2013 collection in too :D x

    3. You're not wrong there, just looked at your swatches!! :-O Stunning! Actually if I think about it, I don't really *need* them all as I have lots of other holos in similar colours, but there are two I definitely can't live without and must get one day very soon - Kismet and Beyond from the 2013 collection! xx

    4. Hehe, those do look beautiful!! Are you following sally magpies on facebook? She updates as soon as they are in stock. I got mine £7.50 each and it's free next day postage if you spend over £20. xx

    5. I've never even heard of Sally Magpies until the past few days! I get mine from a US seller from eBay, I can only afford one or two at a time and it works out cheaper to do it that way than from anywhere else I've found so far and never had to wait longer than a week for delivery either (I'm extremely loyal to them lol) ;) I've bookmarked Sally Magpies now though, thank you, I'm sure I'll be calling on them soon enough :D xx