Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rimmel "Grey Matter", Birds, & Happy Birthday Charlene!

Today I have a lovely polish to show you from Rimmel's "60 Seconds" line of nail polishes. It's name is "Grey Matter", and as you have probably guessed, it's a grey creme. Not too dark, not too light, and neither too cool nor too warm toned. Just right! However, my camera wants you to think it is far more blue-toned than it is in reality - sorry >:( Amazing formula - perfect in one coat, but as always, pictures show two coats plus base & top coat.


I think I mentioned our themed weeks on the All Things Nails page the other day? Well here is my official "Animalistic" theme week manicure. I love birds, they are my favourite animals, and with that in mind I drew inspiration from the Firecrest, a tiny bird with a very distinctive pattern on its head. I used Nails Inc "Kensington Gate" for the base, followed by a stripe of Nails Inc "Black Taxi" and then one of China Glaze "Riveting" on top of that.

And finally, it's my sister Charlene's birthday today, so as I sadly ruined my Firecrest nails while walking the dogs last night, I replaced it with a special "Happy Birthday Char!" manicure - alternating pink and purple nails using Nails Inc for InStyle "Power Pink" and Nails Inc "Putney Bridge". Two coats of each plus base & top coat.


Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Love the idea of Riveting over black, it looks quite incredible! Like glowing embers :D Happy Birthday to your sister too! xx

  2. oh I absolutely love your birthday nails, beautiful colours and such a great finish, wish my nails looked like that when I paint them! xx

    Followed you on GFC, hope you can follow me back x

  3. Thank you both very much, and Emma, I'll pass the "happy birthday" on to Charlene for you :) xx

  4. Grey Matter is amazing, I love the polish, its one of my favorite greys - not too dark or too light, just like you described it :)

    1. Thank you Mari! Definitely one of my favourite greys too - joint favourite with Nails Inc "The Southbank" I think :) xx