Monday, 7 January 2013

Nails Inc "Waterloo Place"

For your eyeballs' delight today I have a really pretty pink polish - one which I have been itching to wear again for quite a while now. Nails Inc "Waterloo Place" is a raspberry pink jelly packed full of glass flecks  (which appear to be a mixture of gold, silver, and pink). It's so sparkly and bright and juicy and happy. It is fairly sheer and in the past I've worn it alone and needed three+ coats, so today I have layered it over a raspberry creme (Nails Inc "Clarges Street" - the perfectly matching undies for Waterloo Place!). 

Pictures show two coats of Waterloo Place over one of Clarges Street, plus base & top coat.

(All photographs ever taken of this have made it look like there is blue shimmer in this polish - trust me, there is not. It's just one of those awkward-to-photograph shades).

Waterloo Place was part of a set that Nails Inc made exclusively for QVC UK a couple of years ago. I still kick myself sometimes for not doubling up while it was still available! I think  some people would say this is a summery nail polish, but screw that, why save something so lovely for a non-existent British summer? We need some brightness in January!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

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