Monday, 28 January 2013

Layla "Flash Black"

Hello world! I have something quite spectacular for you today. It was from my lovely friend Louise (check out her fabulous blog Purple Wolf Nails!) as a bit of a "Cheer up, chicken!" present after a particularly miserable week last week, and I am so unbelievably touched and thankful for such a generous, thoughtful gesture <3 What is it? Why it's none other than Layla "Flash Black", a charcoal/black linear holographic polish which I have been after for ages!  I had a hard time photographing it - no sunlight at all today :(

Pictures show two coats, with Nfu.Oh "Aqua Base" base coat, and no top coat. First two are with camera flash; third is in torch light. Yes, you read that right. Torch light.

Are you a fan of holographic polishes? My mind = blown, I love it so much. Thank you Louise!!! 

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Thanks for the mention hunny. It looks fab on you and I hope it made you smile :-D x x x

    1. It really made my day, I'm over the moon with it :D xxx

  2. It's stunning! I love holographic! What a lovely gift :) x

  3. Wow this colour is amazing and it looks so lovely in you! Such a nice present! Aww <3 big hug <3

  4. Definitely a fan of holos! This is gorgeous! Love it!

  5. Thank you Liss and Stania! It's amazing isn't it, I'm so grateful :) xx