Wednesday, 9 January 2013

China Glaze "It's A Trap-eze!"

Something unbelievably cute and fun for you all today! China Glaze "It's A Trap-eze!" from their recent Cirque du Soleil collection. It's a milky, slightly off-white (blue leaning) base with a party of multi-sized, rainbow-coloured glitters. Two coats provides a lovely effect - the milky base is sheer enough that you can see the glitters in the first coat through it, but not so sheer that it really needs a third coat - I have two coats (plus base & top coat) in these pictures, and while you can see my nails through it at the tips, I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing in this case.

(Sorry, I don't even know how that random sequin got stuck to my finger)

I totally love this. I had planned on wearing a white base under this as I was worried it would just be too sheer, but I forgot - thankfully it turned out for the best! What do you think of this kind of look? It's like a glitter sandwich in a bottle - aces!!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Janet, glad you like it :) xx

  2. I love it! I really like the milky finish which i've never seen before. I've never heard of china glaze, where can I buy it?

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  3. Hi Nadia! You can buy China Glaze at most branches of Sally's or from their website; also many online retailers - I bought this shade in particular from a US seller on eBay as it turns out to be a lot cheaper :) xx