Thursday, 31 January 2013

China Glaze "Glitz 'N Pieces" & Barry M "Blueberry" Gelly

Today I have to show you what I think is one of the coolest glitter polishes ever made! It's China Glaze "Glitz 'N Pieces" from their recent "Bitz N Pieces" collection. There's all kinds of crazy going on in this bottle, but simply put, it's a clear base with different shapes and sizes of black and silver particles. I only got it today and I love it, I haven't been this excited about a new polish for a while! For the type of polish, application was actually really easy - it's so packed full of bits that I didn't have to fish around in the bottle for them and they painted on smoothly and evenly - no need for dabbing, poking, or re-placement. 

Pictures show one coat of "Glitz 'N Pieces" over Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in "Blueberry", with base & top coat.

And here is a shot of Barry M "Blueberry" on its own - two coats, no top coat.

What do you think about this kind of glitter polish? Do you have any from the Bitz N Pieces collection?

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Nails Inc Lucky Dip feat. "Buckingham Street"

Last week Nails Inc held one of their occasional "Lucky Dip" sales - you pay a certain price and get sent a selection of somewhat "randomly" picked nail polishes, in this case six full sized polishes for £15.00. It's a great deal considering individual Nails Inc polishes retail at £11.00 each, and I think it's so much fun not knowing what will be received! I was very fortunate to have a few pennies to spare, so I ordered myself a lucky dip, and it arrived today. I already have two of the six that I received (which is a risk worth taking in my opinion), but I am over-all really pleased with this selection. Have a look:

L-R: "Buckingham Street", "Covent Garden", "Heathrow", "Westbourne Grove", "Caversham Street", "Belgrave Mews". A great selection of colours and finishes - creme, shimmer, glitter, neon, and matte!

And on to today's manicure - it's as if Nails Inc knew one of these polishes would fit in perfectly with our "Bling Bling!" theme week over at All Things Nails - "Buckingham Street" is a clear base with fine magenta glitter particles with a few silver ones scattered through, too. I applied two coats with no "undies", but it is still a little patchy in places. Not terribly so, but I do think I'll wear it over a base colour next time. It's a really pretty, sparkly shade, and actually unique in my collection!

Pictures show two coats plus base & top coat.

Did anybody else buy a lucky dip, and if so, what did you receive?

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Color Club "Sugarplum Fairy" & Barry M "Plum" Gelly.

Hi folks! This week on the Facebook All Things Nails page it is "Bling Bling" theme week - basically, if it sparkles, glitters, shimmers or shines, it's in! It's proving really popular and it's so much fun seeing everybody's sparkly nails! I am trying to fit in as many blingy manicures as possible, and here is today's! It's Color Club "Sugarplum Fairy", a lilac chunky scattered holographic glitter polish (phew!). I have chosen to wear one coat over a darker base colour (Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in "Plum").

Pictures show one coat of Sugarplum Fairy over two of Plum, with base and top coat. Again, with such horrible weather here at the moment, I found it tricky to photograph - even under my daylight lamp.

And here is Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in "Plum" on its own, two coats, no top coat - look how shiny!! 
The label on this says "Blackberry", but I was assured by a representative from Barry M that there was a labelling mix-up, and it is in fact called "Plum".

What do you think? Is this suitably blingy? I'll have something else sparkly for you tomorrow I'm sure!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Monday, 28 January 2013

Layla "Flash Black"

Hello world! I have something quite spectacular for you today. It was from my lovely friend Louise (check out her fabulous blog Purple Wolf Nails!) as a bit of a "Cheer up, chicken!" present after a particularly miserable week last week, and I am so unbelievably touched and thankful for such a generous, thoughtful gesture <3 What is it? Why it's none other than Layla "Flash Black", a charcoal/black linear holographic polish which I have been after for ages!  I had a hard time photographing it - no sunlight at all today :(

Pictures show two coats, with Nfu.Oh "Aqua Base" base coat, and no top coat. First two are with camera flash; third is in torch light. Yes, you read that right. Torch light.

Are you a fan of holographic polishes? My mind = blown, I love it so much. Thank you Louise!!! 

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

OPI "Royal Rajah Ruby" & nail art China Glaze style!

Today's manicure is one of my absolute, all-time, hands-down, undisputed favourite polishes ever!! OPI "Royal Rajah Ruby" is a blackened, vampy, lit-from-within shimmer which I would say is more garnet toned than ruby, but I guess "Royal Rajah Garnet" doesn't have quite the same OPI ring to it(!). Formula is good.... It has a slight tendency towards bald spots but is still perfect in two coats.

Picture shows two coats plus base & top coat and oh me, oh my, a daylight shot!!!

And a little extra something today. I actually did this several days ago but have only today remembered to blog it. I wore China Glaze "Rare & Radiant" the other day, and couldn't help but faff with it - I did a gradient manicure using the aforementioned "Rare & Radiant" and China Glaze "Deviantly Daring" (which can be seen on its own here).

What do you think? It's the first time I've done a "proper" gradient manicure and I was really pleased with the outcome!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Nails Inc "Primrose Park"

"Primrose Park" from Nails Inc's "Mirror Metallic" range is a highly reflective medium blue shimmer, with a purple undertone more evident in reality than in these pictures. It isn't the most densely pigmented formula and suffers somewhat from visible brush strokes, but nevertheless, with careful application I was able to achieve perfect opacity with two coats.

Pictures show two coats plus base & top coat.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ciate "Bon Bon" & Barry M "Rose Quartz Glitter"

I've got a stinking cold and am feeling miserable, so I'll keep this brief. This manicure started life as two coats of Ciate "Bon Bon", a warm pinkish nude creme:


I then added one coat of Barry M "Rose Quartz Glitter" - rosy pink hex glitters and smaller holographic silver glitters, which is quite difficult to photograph and far prettier in reality:

I am trying with all of my might to get better, but if I disappear for a day or two it's because I have retreated to my bed - my immune system isn't wonderful and likes to make me suffer :(

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

China Glaze "Rare & Radiant"

Hello! A little slice of duochrome delight for you today! China Glaze "Rare & Radiant", a highly reflective, shimmery golden green duochrome polish. The shift is strong - I can see both colours on my nails at once, without even having to angle them against the light. Formula is a little bit sheer, but I managed to get away with two careful, thick coats. Pictures, of course, show two coats plus base & to coat.

What do you think? I love this polish - I've worn it twice within three months which is most unheard of in my world!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Barry M "Silver Multi Glitter"

I've had this polish since July and haven't worn it yet!! Until now, of course. Barry M "Silver Multi Glitter" is a clear polish packed full of silver, blue, gold, and pink very fine glitter particles. Silver is the predominant colour, but the others are still visible and make for a very sparkly, glittery finish with a slight lilac tone. I'm not sure how well this polish would work on its own, so I applied two coats over a lilac foil (Nails Inc "Baker's Mews"). On to the pictures!

And here is a shot of Nails Inc "Baker's Mews" on its own - two coats, no top coat.

I'm not entirely sure what inspired me to choose this as today's manicure - it wasn't what I had originally planned to do, but I'm pleased I went with this in the end. It's very sparkly, and very pretty! What do you think?

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nails Inc "Redburn Street"

Would you believe I still haven't tried all of the polishes I received for Christmas?? Well it's true, and I am ashamed. So I have one of them to show you today, it's Nails Inc "Redburn Street", a deep blue slightly jelly base with silver and black glitter. The blue of the base makes some of the silver glitters appear pale blue, so it's quite a complex over-all look! Pictures show two coats, plus base & top coat. If you can't stand your polish being anything other than completely glassy smooth, then I would recommend doubling up on top coat - I'm not overly fussed, so I left it with one layer of top coat.

And a little extra something today. This week on the All Things Nails Facebook group it is "Australia Week", and here is my take on that theme: I chose to base my manicure on the green & gold national colours of Australia, using Ciate "Big Yellow Taxi" and Nails Inc "Seven Dials". Freehand (it shows!!) tips on most fingers; striping tape stripes on the ring finger!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Models Own "Pinky Brown"

Today's manicure features one of Models Own's "Beetlejuice" collection polishes - "Pinky Brown". It's a glass fleck duochrome that shifts from a purply pink shade through red, gold, and finally on to a browny bronze shade. It's sheer, so I've applied two coats over a black creme (Nails Inc "Black Taxi", which can be seen on its own roughly two thirds down the page on this post).

 Picture time!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Collection Hot Looks "Hidden"

Collection. Used to be C2000. And before that it was Collection 2000. I remember waaay back in the eighties it was also known as Constance Carol. I wonder if one day they'll settle on a brand name? Anyway, that's not really important. This polish is from their Hot Looks 60 Seconds range, and is a slightly dusty khaki green creme named "Hidden", how very apt! Formula was great, easy to apply, fairly fast drying, and perfectly opaque in two coats.

Pictures show two coats plus base & top coat.

(Not my neatest work I'll admit, I decided to paint my nails at 10:30pm whilst whizzed up on medication. Please forgive me!)

Do you like "dirty" shades like this? I love them!

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Nails Inc "Belgravia Gardens"

Hello! I'm really tired today so I hope you don't mind if I keep the words to a minimum? Today's NOTD is Nails Inc "Belgravia Gardens", a warm beige creme with a very slight dirtiness to it. Perfect two coat formula that is so typical of Nails Inc.

Pictures show two coats plus base & top coat.

Nails Inc described this as a "coffee nude" shade and I think that sums it up perfectly. What do you think, do you like to wear this kind of colour?

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Friday, 18 January 2013

Nails Inc "Royal Botanical Gardens" & "Henley"

Hi world! Two polishes for the price of one today! Both new, and both gorgeous. Let's start with Nails Inc "Royal Botanical Gardens". A light, bright aqua green creme. Similar to Nails Inc "Haymarket" but lighter and less blue. Formula is a bit streaky with one coat but absolutely perfect with two. I've been looking for a shade like this for absolutely ages, so pleased to have this one!

Pictures show two coats with base coat but no top coat (the reason for which will become very clear very soon):

After I had applied Royal Botanical Gardens, I then applied two coats of Nails Inc "Henley", a special effect polish which is supposed to look like feathers. It's a combination of very fine silver and pale copper strand glitter, and chunkier black strand glitter. It requires a bit of effort to apply it neatly, dries very rough, and care must be taken to remove any strands sticking out beyond the tips of the nails in order not to shred yourself to ribbons, but negatives aside I think it is an absolutely beautiful polish, such a striking effect and I think Nails Inc have captured the feathery essence very well. I also love the feather print on the bottle cap, but then I would - I love birds!

What do you think of this effect? Do you think it looks like feathers? Do you even like it, or is it not something you would wear?

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nails Inc "Lowndes Court"

I have a brand new polish for you to feast your eyes on today! Nails Inc "Lowndes Court", a rich purple base with electric blue shimmer running under the surface. It's got that "is it blue or is it purple?!" quality about it, which I like. The shimmer isn't always evident - indoors or in dim lighting situations the shimmer just serves to add its blue hue to the over-all colour; in bright/direct light however it comes alive and is extremely beautiful. Formula is slightly thick, but well pigmented and easy to apply, perfect with two coats.

Pictures, of course, show two coats plus base & top coat.

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rimmel "Grey Matter", Birds, & Happy Birthday Charlene!

Today I have a lovely polish to show you from Rimmel's "60 Seconds" line of nail polishes. It's name is "Grey Matter", and as you have probably guessed, it's a grey creme. Not too dark, not too light, and neither too cool nor too warm toned. Just right! However, my camera wants you to think it is far more blue-toned than it is in reality - sorry >:( Amazing formula - perfect in one coat, but as always, pictures show two coats plus base & top coat.


I think I mentioned our themed weeks on the All Things Nails page the other day? Well here is my official "Animalistic" theme week manicure. I love birds, they are my favourite animals, and with that in mind I drew inspiration from the Firecrest, a tiny bird with a very distinctive pattern on its head. I used Nails Inc "Kensington Gate" for the base, followed by a stripe of Nails Inc "Black Taxi" and then one of China Glaze "Riveting" on top of that.

And finally, it's my sister Charlene's birthday today, so as I sadly ruined my Firecrest nails while walking the dogs last night, I replaced it with a special "Happy Birthday Char!" manicure - alternating pink and purple nails using Nails Inc for InStyle "Power Pink" and Nails Inc "Putney Bridge". Two coats of each plus base & top coat.


Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


A special, scheduled post for you today. Let me explain the title to you. I am no nail artist. In my head I'm a total pro and and have countless ideas for nail art which I expect to be effortless and with fantastic results but which, in reality, are abject failures. Clearly my expectations of my own capabilities are way too high, so I have had to try to learn my limits and reign it in a bit. Hence, when I do "nail art" these days, it is always simple and requires very little technique. I therefore don't feel comfortable calling it nail art, so instead I call it "faffing". I love faffing with my nails, and so here today is just a teeny, tiny selection of faffs. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Nails Inc Gossip Girl "Lily" Duo

Hello lovely world! I have what I think is a stunning manicure (in terms of polish) to show you today. Last week I bought a set of two Nails Inc nail polishes from one of my lovely fellow nail polish addict friends Alice, and it arrived today! It was one of Nails Inc's three special sets in tandem with the TV show "Gossip Girl". They all consisted of a dark base polish named after one of the characters and a flaky topcoat, or "overglaze" as Nails Inc calls them. This set is the "Lily" set, but as I don't watch the show I can't say if it matches her character in any way. It contained a plum/black polish named "Lily" and a gold/green/blue flaky top coat named "High Society". "Lily" had a fantastic formula - two coats to absolute glossy perfection. You can really see the plum tone on the first coat but that does get lost somewhat after the second coat. "High Society" transforms it completely and I'm not even going to try and describe it to you, so on to the pictures!

First up is a picture of "Lily" on its own, two coats & base coat (no top coat):

And here is the finished look - two coats of "High Society" over the top, with top coat (tried to take a few different-angled shots to show all the different colours this shifts to, but couldn't capture the blue visible at a very oblique angle):

So what do you think? Are you a fan of flaky top coats/overglazes/whatever you want to call them? I think they're are stunning, especially over black and dark colours. I am curious to try this one over a white base one day though. Thank you Alice for passing these beauts on to me, I am so delighted with them <3

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon :) x