Sunday, 23 December 2012

Disco, Disco, Disco, Disco....

....... "Disco Lane", from Nails Inc, is what I have to show you today. It's a black creme full of scattered holographic particles. Apparently it was designed to be a "black" version of their popular holographic topcoat "Electric Lane", or in other words give the look of that polish when it's applied over a black base. It was a good idea, but it is flawed. The addition of the holographic glitter to a coloured creme base creates a very gritty finish when dry, as is understandable. My pictures here show two coats of "Disco Lane" with a whoooole lot of top coat, and it still isn't completely smooth. 

Despite its grittiness and thirst for top coat, I do actually like it a lot - in most light it just looks like a classic, sophisticated black, but when the light hits it right it comes alive and looks like stars twinkling in a clear night sky - and that makes me smile :)

Also. I haven't really felt in the mood for Christmas this year. Or for several years, for that matter. I left it until Thursday to put up our decorations, and I think finally seeing my tree in all its festive finery might have softened my heart a little bit - there's hope for this old misery guts yet! So I thought you might like to see it too....

Thanks for reading, and come back again soon - tomorrow I will be doing my official Christmas manicure, so watch this space :) x


  1. Such a sophisticated looking polish :)
    I wasn't feeling festive either until I spent hours decorating the tree! Lovely tree. I hope you get to enjoy Christmas Anna! x

  2. Thank you Charlotte! I did my Christmas manicure this afternoon so that is another step in the festive direction - think once Christmas eve hits I'll be feeling it! Maybe.... :) xx