Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ciate "Glass Slipper"

Today's post features another polish from my Ciate advent calendar - this shade is a beautiful royal blue glitter called "Glass Slipper", and here I have two coats layered over a navy creme (Barielle "Berry Blue"), with base & top coats.

Below is a picture of Barielle "Berry Blue", in case you're not familiar with it. It's my favourite navy creme polish! Two coats here (no top coat, no clean-up).

I'm really pleased with this manicure. The dark base provides great depth to the over-all look. The only downside is that "Glass Slipper" really, reeeaallly stinks.

Thaks for reading, and come back soon :) x


  1. This combination works wonderfully!
    Also, I agree. What is it with these Ciate polishes, there has been a few that smell bad. Halo was another one. Eurgghh...

    1. Thank you Sherrie!! They really have been stinkers haven't they, I can still smell this one on my nails today, even under topcoat! xx